Julia Ellen Haeusser

Owner & Managing Director

The founder & managing director of LOCA NOVA, Julia Ellen Haeusser, is a passionate traveler, with own experience living abroad, such as in Australia and France. As an architect with several years of work experience in project management and the real estate sector, she has a wide spectrum in the real estate market and the different services within. To offer a personalized and highly professional service to her clients is the main goal for her. With established language skills in German, English, French and Spanish she can support most of her clients in their mother tongues.

Before she founded LOCA NOVA Julia was employed as Project Manager at Cushman & Wakefield and as Architect for international booth design at the trade fair company MEPLAN.

“Home is, where the heart is”

Pliny the Elder


Andrei Nemes, Lead Program Manager, JLL, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

“Julia’s seriousness and professional dedication were drivers in achieving complex project deliveries in Munich. Her planning skills, continuous communication, mindset for solving problems and follow-up for closing up to the last snags recommend her in the endeavor of opening a new business.”

Denis Spittler, Architect D.E., Paris (France)

“Si vous chercher quelqu’un pour travailler dans un environnement international, notamment lorsque vous êtes francophone, vous avez trouvez la personne qu’il vous faut.”

LOCA NOVA Cooperations Team

Francisco Menezes Reis

Intercultural Coach & Relocation Manager

As certified Business Coach and with his own experience of beeing a Brazilian expat in Germany, Francisco is supporting the incoming and is developing Managers and Directors in multinational companies. Career Coaching, Intercultural Development and Facing Changes are among Francisco's strength. Besides his mother tongue Portuguese he speaks English, Spanish and German. Francisco is also a certified Real Estate broker in Brazil.

„The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”


Annette Breuer

Certified Business & Life Coach

As BusinessMom’s Strategist, Mentor & Coach, Annette helps women to have it all: professional success, being a loving mom, a joyful life, without sacrifice. She is a multitasking expert with perfect German and English language skills, excellent in time management, flexibility, prioritizing and always finding a solution. Annette was trained and certified by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Prior to her current role, she was partner of HumanCapital - Executive Search. Annette also worked for three years as consultant and for over ten years in an international aviation corporation.

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew”

Albert Einstein

Denise Engelbrecht

Translator, M.A. & Language Coach

As a freelance, state qualified and sworn translator Denise has already translated various kinds of texts. She is fascinated by the bridge-building function of language and the power of words. In order to fulfill the requirements of a good translation she is continuously familiarizing herself with new matters and expanding her horizons. Furthermore, she writes her own editorial content for a well-known media agency in Munich and takes charge of its SEO-compliant localization. Denise speaks French, Spanish and English and gives lessons in these languages to young and old alike.

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Maria Lämmel

Translator, M.A. Slavic Philology, History East- and Southeast Europe

Marias expertise is the organisation of language courses and the translation from Russian to German and vice versa. As a Russian she already lived in several different places in Russia and Germany. That's why she feels at home all over the globe and wants to support as many people as possible to discover new places to live. Besides Russian and German Maria also speaks fluent English.

“Life is here and now”

Eckhart Tolle

Renato Mezzelani

Certified Technical Expert

Renato is specialized in expert services in construction and inventory real estate, client mandates & quality assurance and warranty coordination & defect management. In addition, real estate consulting & real estate marketing are his areas of expertise, which he pursues with passion. As a German with Italian roots, he can advise his customers and handel projects in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein both in German and in Italian.

“No building without trust”

Renato Mezzelani

Myriam Saad

Graphic Designer & Voice artist (Founder of Let's Talk Language)

As a freelancer, Myriam has worked for a variety of projects with diverse international teams from all over the world. She is a traveller and adventurer, always on the look out for the next big exciting project to get involved in! She has worked with different international companies and startups. Myriam is also a professional voice artist in both Arabic and English and speaks French and German as well fluent. With these profound language skills, Myriam can support most of her clients in their mother tongue.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your Brand”

Paul Rand

Sebastian Pflügler

Business consultant, coach, trainer & speaker

With two master degrees in communication studies and business psychology, leadership and management, Sebastian is a certified trainer & coach with 8 years of work experience. As consultant, coach, trainer and speaker in different companies, of which two years in a permanent position as soft skill trainer and consultant in the financial sector. His motivation is helping people to authentically communicate with themselves and others to get more out of life. Besides his mother tongue German Sebastian is fluent in English.

“The password to success in life is communication”

Cécile Jaouen

Architect, M.A.

As a designer in architecture with a french Master degree, Cécile participated at a social community project in a township in South Africa with handwork experience and worked in an architecture offices in London and Paris. Curious and open-mined about different cultures and ways of living, Cécile moved to Munich to continue her architectural career. With her own experiences living abroad and her language skills in French, English and German, Cécile supports expats and projects with her diverse and creative skills.

“It is always worth to try”

Johann Karl August Musäus

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