International Relocation Management

In today’s business world living and working abroad is an essential part of carriers in international companies. The personal interests and needs of the expatriates and their families are central. The focus of the international relocation management is to put the individual and their family first whilst providing a continually high quality product that HR departments can rely upon.

Started the LOCA NOVA Relocation service with the aim of offering a personalised, friendly and ultimately professional relocation management service with several years of own experience abroad and an advisory board of more then 20 years of experience in International Relocation Management.

“Home is not a place…it’s a feeling”

Cecelia Ahern

The best way to feel directly at home in your new town

Home Searching, Authorities, Banking & Insurances, Kindergarten & Schooling, Importation of pets, cars and personal goods, Intercultural Training, Spouse Career Counselling and more

The successful Relocation of the employee is the most important to have a good start in the new work and environment. Therefore, the personalised service from the first contact to the satisfying settlement is the highest motivation.

The international work experience with international companies has created the solid basis for a professional Relocation Service also for your company. We are happy to provide our high standard of service, flexibility and competitive value of our packages.

The opportunity to prove our expertise would be highly appreciated and assisting you with all of your mobility issues an honour.

Please let us know if you would be interested in learning more about our services and us. It would be our pleasure to visit you at your facilities to discuss your requirements.

Home Searching

We are defining your needs and find the perfect home for you.

The Home Searching package contains services such as:

  • Hotel reservation or short-term accommodation for the first days while the home search is still ongoing
  • A common needs assessment to find out the specification for the house or apartment
  • A proper market research and a pre-selection of suitable properties in accordance with the specification
  • Accompanied viewings of the pre-selected properties
  • Assistance with the negotiation of the rental contract (no legal counselling), explanation and verbal translation of the rental contract into English, if needed
  • Manage the payments of deposit and commissions
  • Accompanied hand-over of the house or apartment
  • Hand-over protocol including an official list of defects, with photos, if required
  • Registration of gas, water, electricity, telephone, radio and TV license, cable TV and the application for internet access.
  • Further information on local council regulations

As we have access to the whole market including private offers, we can provide you a wide range of opportunities.


Singles / Couples/Families

LOCA NOVA is taking care of:

  • the registration of EU-Citizen and non-EU-Citizen
  • the extension of residence permits and extension of residence permit incl. work permit
  • the De-Registration before moving away again

We will prepare the application forms and take care of the formalities, after you have provided the necessary information and accompanying documents. In most cases we can do this with the aid of a power of attorney, therefore the client does not need to accompany us to the authorities.


A period of orientation and settling-in follows when the client has moved into the house or apartment. Depending on the specific needs and requirements this program provides information, consultation and assistance on the following topics:

  • Selection of a bank and opening of an account
  • Introduction to your Embassy or Consulate
  • Public transportation
  • Shopping facilities
  • Social security system including the statutory health system
  • Private insurances, such as health insurance, household and personal liability insurance, car insurance
  • Doctors and dentist who practice in a foreign language
  • Churches and religious services in all denominations
  • Craftsmen
  • Experts for the supply and installation of satellite TV/dishes
  • Vets and kennel facilities
  • Clubs and organizations for Expatriates
  • Theatre, culture and the arts
  • Sightseeing possibilities
  • Leisure activities
  • Sports facilities
  • Language training
  • Emergency contact numbers


When the stay in Germany comes to an end, and you are heading back to your home town or a new destination, we are supporting you with the departure and all the issues which come along with, such as:

  • Establishment of contractual obligations
  • Termination of the rental contract
  • Cancellation of private insurances
  • Cancellation of memberships
  • Termination of school and kindergarten
  • Termination of utilities (electricity/gas/water/telephone/internet)
  • Final invoice for utilities, heating and electricity
  • Organisation of a removal company
  • Coordination of repairs and renovation
  • Assistance/presence during handing over of flat/house in presence of tenant
  • Processing of claims made and accepted by both parties during hand-over inspection
  • Coordination of payments resulting from rent contract or redecoration of the flat
  • Organisation of return of safety deposit
  • Closing of bank accounts
  • Mail-forwarding application for postal service
  • De-registration with the authorities

Interior Architecture

To make a new house to your home, it needs to have a personal and special touch, therefore LOCA NOVA is offering a personalized interior design, which suits the personal taste and budget of the owner:

  • Needs assessment of interior and furniture
  • Collection of ideas
  • Drawings and pictures of interior options
  • Selecting of interiors and furniture
  • Pricing lists and delivery times
  • Ordering of interior and furniture on client behalf
  • Organisation of craftsmen
  • Coordination of delivery and installation
  • Decoration
  • Handover of interior and furniture
  • Final invoicing and cost overview

Additional Programs

All of our the above components can be booked individually on our hourly rate. There is some flexibility in the hours required these may vary by one or two hours in either direction. All prices exclude MwSt. (VAT). The price includes telephone and postage. Additional authority fees will be charged separately. 

Tailor your program to suit your needs.

Move Management

To handle your move from one place to another can be really time intensive. With our expertise in moving offices, homes and cantines and together with our logistic partners, we take care of the coordination of the packing and loading in the origin location, the transport and the unloading and placement in the new location.

Shopping / Furniture / Car Finding Tour

Support and assistance in the acquisition of fundamental pieces of furniture, kitchens, beds, small appliances etc.. We can also including the search for a new car if required. We escort your employee (or their partner) to the appropriate stores, studios or garages and negotiate the sale and delivery conditions on their behalf.

Children's Program

Including, the application for child benefit in accordance with German law, information on the school / pre-school system and options available, pre-selection of school / kindergarten, escorted viewing including the registration of the child / children.

Car Registration (German pre-registration)

Including, the registration of a car previously registered in Germany i.e. the car already has the necessary approvals (TÜV and AU exhaust emissions).

Car Registration (foreign pre-registration)

Including, information on the documentation required for registration and the procurement of insurance. Registration at the appropriate authority, and information on automobile clubs and membership.

Vehicle Control Board Inspection Program (TÜV)

Including, the coordination of appointments with the relevant authority and escorted or if preferred submission on your behalf of the application for TÜV and (AU) exhaust emissions testing.

German Driving License

Including, translation of original driving license by the German Automobile Club (ADAC). Escorted trips to the authorities for the application and collection of the new driving license. When relevant information on driving schools, registration on a first-aid course and coordination of an eye test.

Coordination of Household Assistance

Including, the procurement of a cleaning person, gardener or gardening service, au-pair, substitute granny, baby-sitter or child-minder, dog-sitter or dog-walking agency.


Escorted assistance with choosing the bank and the opening of a bank account, as well assist to close the bank account before departure.

Health Care lssues

lnformation on private and public health insurance. Procurement of quotations for insurance policies. Initial contact and registration with the chosen insurance company. Introduction to a reputable and English speaking broker if desired. List of doctors according to the language preferred.

General Insurance

Overview of recommended insurances for example private liability, household contents, travel, pet and glass breakage insurance. Registration of desired insurance company. Introduction to a reputable and English speaking broker if desired.

Look & See

This program is an aid to the decision making process. Extremely flexible and always tailored to meet the clients needs. We supply information and answer queries on living and working in Germany with a focus on Munich or Frankfurt am Main and its infrastructure, paying particular attention to the residential aspects; public transport, shopping, distance/ access to schools, nurseries and kindergartens, distance to place of work, leisure, free time and culture. We provide a unique opportunity to ask questions and get under the skin of this great city. The ultimate aim of this program is to give your employee the information required to make a positive decision on an assignment to Germany.

General Support Service

Including, support with the daily challenges encountered in an international move. This program is intended to assist with the settling-in of the family during the early months and typically includes finding relevant handy-man services for those moving-in jobs, surveying of rental contract matters and utility payment, assistance with the first batches of mail and the establishment of bill payment etc.

All prices upon request. Please contact us for a personal offer.

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