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To find you the home of your dreams in an area that really suits your personality, that’s the aim of LOCA NOCA Real Estate Services. Either it should be a city apartment in the vibrant centre or a family house in the suburban region, LOCA NOVA is offering you a personalized service to find the perfect home for you.

The real estate markets especially in the urban areas are becoming more dense, so we as professional Real Estate Agents support you to find you high quality offers within your budget. We are using several ways of finding your new home within that dense market and offering you always a variety of options to chose from.

“A new house, a new person”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Making your property to a best seller

If you have a property you went to rent out or sell, LOCA NOVA Real Estate Services is offering you a full service Real Estate Marketing package to make your property to a best seller.

The presentation of a property is the most important fact to find suitable tenants or buyers. We offer marketing with detailed information, perfect visual presentation and a professional viewing of the property, to make the best deal for you.

LOCA NOVA Real Estate

The opportunity to prove our expertise would be highly appreciated and assisting you with all of your Real Estate issues an honour. Please let us know if you would be interested in learning more about our services and us. It would be our pleasure to visit you at your facilities to discuss your requirements.

Home Searching

  • Information briefing
  • Needs assessment
  • Drawing-up of specification for the house or apartment and mutual agreement on the same
  • Market research and pre-selection of suitable properties in accordance with the specification
  • Accompanied viewings to view pre-selected properties
  • Assistance with negotiation of rental contract
    (no legal counselling)
  • Explanation and verbal translation of the rental contract into English, if needed (no legal advice)
  • Management of payments of deposit and commissions
  • Accompanied hand-over of the house or apartment
  • Hand-over protocol including an official list of defects, with photos if required
  • Verbal translation of the hand-over protocol into English
  • Registration of gas, water, electricity, telephone, radio and TV license, cable TV
  • Application for internet access
  • Organization of insurance counselling
  • Information on local council regulations with regard to garbage collection and recycling

Real Estate Marketing

Apartments / Houses

  • Information briefing
  • Viewing of the property
  • Taking professional pictures / videos of the property
  • Creation of on Exposé
  • Collection of all needed documents
  • Advertisement online and offline
  • Coordination of interested people
  • Regular Updates to the seller
  • Viewing sessions with the interested people (single viewings)
  • Advice on selecting the perfect buyer
  • Negotiations on the selling price
  • Checking of the financial backround of the buyer
  • Assistance on financing models for the buyer
  • Preparation of the contract
  • Verification of the contract at a notary
  • Management of payments of deposit and commissions
  • Accompanied hand-over of the house or apartment
  • Hand-over protocol including an official list of defects, with photos if required

Interior Architecture

To make your new home really to your home it needs a personalized interior design. Therefore, LOCA NOVA is offering a professional and creative Interior Design Service which suits your personal taste and budget:

  • Needs assessment of interior and furniture
  • Collection of ideas
  • Drawings and pictures of interior options
  • Selecting of interiors and furniture
  • Pricing lists and delivery times
  • Ordering of interior and furniture on client behalf
  • Organisation of craftsmen
  • Coordination of delivery and installation
  • Decoration
  • Handover of interior and furniture
  • Final invoicing and cost overview

All prices upon request. Please contact us for a personal offer.

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